Senator George Gainer Kills Senate Red Light Camera Repeal

Senator George Gainer, Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee voted NO at the bill's hearing today. Gainer, a Bay County Republican, joined liberal Palm Beach Democrat Kevin Rader in rejecting the bill. The vote was tied 2 to 2 which effectively kills the senate version at this time.

This vote is a strong signal the freshman senator has strong potential to be a big government, anti liberty crony. 

Red light cameras have consistently increased crash rates at their intersections. These cameras are little more than a revenue source for the state and local governments disguised as an added element of safety to Florida's roads.  

Floridians who want to voice their displeasure to Senator Gainer can call him at (850) 487-5002 and email him at

Gainer is currently owner of Bay Lincoln Mercury Dodge Hyundai, Bay Suzuki, and Bay Ford in Blountstown.  In the mid 1770's prior to our Declaration of Independence, colonial activists boycotted goods to illustrate their displeasure with Parliament and the Crown. Part time legislators with businesses should realize that as  part time legislators and full time business owners, the free market always represents the possibility of being used to chastise those who ignore the will of the people. 


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